Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Steve's take on: Youtube Feud

Long time, no posting. I'm back with a new subject. Youtube beefing. This is gonna be a blog series. Ok. Lets talk about a recent beef between multiple parties

No Mercy, BEP, Dizzle, Doucet, Cross G Ent, NBO, and more VS. Lil Pooh
Beef Started: March 2008
On a BEP video, Lil Pooh talks about how BEP jocks the rapper Lil Wayne. BEP fires back at Pooh, exposing him after Lil Pooh claimed that BEP was broke, fake, and had STD's. In the controversial video, "Expose the E-Thug, Twinn exposes Pooh. It is later revealed that Pooh lives in his Mothers house and that he is 26 years old. Two weeks later, Harlem native rapper, No Mercy jumps in and reveals that Lil Pooh was a convicted child molester and that the Greensboro, NC native snitched to police to get 6 months in Prison in 2000. Diss tracks and videos were fired by BEP, Dizzle, No Mercy, Cross G. Phone calls were made also. In May, Pooh was rumored to be in Atlanta, GA. BEP was later notified that he was there an that he was trying to attract minors. between April and May, Phone calls were made between Pooh and No Mercy.
In June, Lil Pooh released another diss track aimed at No Mercy, Greezy, and Blaze Bundles. Amongst that, fake youtube pages were made of the main feud participants. As of this month, the beef has died down.

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