Saturday, August 16, 2008


I know I haven't been blogging much, but studying and what not has really become weird in my own way. Recently, I was on the Serial Intertainment (Note the misspelling of entertainment)Forum. The forum is run by Broken Equipment and DJ Kazz. Recently, they've put me in their "Hall of Shame". They said some very rude and untrue things about me. they said Ashanti was my favorite person. That is not true. Even though I listen to R&B, doesn't mean she's my favorite person. They said some very nasty things regarding my sexuality. Saying lots of things bout me being gay (alledgedly). That is not true either. I like girls...I have a crush one one, and i have former girlfriends. Therefore, I am not gay. They are all assumptions. If Twinn Kazz, or any associate of them are reading this. I want an apology. I felt that you guys really disrespected me. You guys are putting me down because i'm doing something worth my time...I used to be a fan of BEP until they called me "Noseman Deuces." They don't know how much i've been made fun of and how they made those photoshop pictures of me. That is lame. Seruiously. Grow up. BEP will do anything to drag people like me down. That is very sad. They even might put this on the forum.
Update: I found out that I was put into the Hall of Shame on the SI Forum because I deleted my account.
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